3 Causes for Nighttime Eating and Tips to Conquer It

3 Causes for Nighttime Eating and Tips to Conquer It

Ok, if you’re reading this blog you must know 2 things. First, you’re certainly not the only one reading this blog. Second, you’re undoubtedly not the only one who struggles with overeating or binge eating at night. Breath a sigh of relief before you continue reading.  


Here’s what I’m hearing from other people about nighttime eating. See if you relate!

  • “The evenings are the worse for me. I can’t stop snacking. I bounce from the fridge to the cupboard looking for anything sweet…but then sweet doesn’t cut it, I need salty after! I’m so good during the day but then blow it at night. I have no control”.

  • “I snack way too much at night! I wait for my husband to go to bed so I can watch TV and eat my snacks alone, in peace – it’s MY TIME. I feel resentful when my husband stays up later than usual and I have to wait to eat my snacks. I...
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7 Compelling Reasons WHY It's Not About The Food

"What do you mean it's not about the food?" Here are 7 Compelling Reasons WHY


Most people believe their struggles with food and weight have to do with FOOD itself.  Before I go any further, the good news is you don’t need another Diet, you don’t need another boot-camp, you don’t need to buy apps that tell you when you should stop eating, you don’t need any of this stuff….bare with me!


You can save yourself thousands of $$$ by addressing the true root cause of why you struggle with food and weight. Think of how much money you’ve already spent on these products and services that lead you right down the rabbit hole, yet AGAIN.


Emotional eating, overeating, and binge eating have NOTHING to do with eating less and exercising more. You can absolutely try these 2 strategies, but often they will FAIL YOU because they don’t lead to long term change…or happiness!


If it’s not about the food, then what is...

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3 Strategies To Reduce Anger During COVID-19

Crunch, crunch, crunch! 3 tips to reduce anger eating during COVID-19.


Feeling angry lately? How about resentful?


So many people are talking about feeling angry during this pandemic. If you feel angry but think you shouldn’t be feeling this way because a lot of people have it worse than you….well, I’m blogging today to let you know your feelings of anger are totally VALID!


Here’s why!

You are grieving so many losses and anger is part of grief. Many of us are grieving and have been for a few months now.


Here are some of the losses that may cause you to feel angry or resentful:

  • You loss your social connection with friends and family
  • You loss your regular routine or work
  • You loss all options to keep yourself busy
  • You loss the summer activities that you were looking forward to (ex; no soccer, no baseball, no ultimate Frisbee)
  • You loss camping or going to your cottage
  • You loss your vacation or your well-deserved summer get-away
  • You...
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5 Tips To Reduce Emotional Eating During COVID-19

strategies stress May 05, 2020

Snacking, snacking, and more snacking! 5 tips to reduce emotional eating during COVID-19.

Do you find yourself walking around the kitchen, opening and closing the fridge or cupboard doors a million times a day hoping a tasty snack will magically appear on the shelves? 

You’re not alone! Millions of people just like you are doing the exact same thing at this very moment. Human beings are wired to seek food and nourishment in times of stress and panic.  We are also wired to seek pleasure in times of emotional pain. This is why you find yourself turning to highly palatable foods like chips, pizza, cookies, or ice cream and saying "fuck-it" to salads and broccoli. 

There's good news! There are things you can start doing today to feel more in control! 


Here Are 5 Tips: 


#1: Before you eat, ask yourself: Am I physically hungry right now?" 

If you answer "yes", your strategy is to eat. What do you feel like eating? A sandwich,...

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What Is Emotional Eating?

What is Emotional Eating?

Emotional eating is a reaction so subconsciously embedded most of us don’t even know we’re doing it. Rather than satisfying true physical hunger, emotional eating is an attempt to satisfy some emotional need. Unfortunately, emotional hunger can't be filled with food and more often than not will make you feel worse. When you eat as a result of an emotional trigger, as opposed to physical hunger, you will notice you can continue eating. Your stomach becomes a bottomless pit. Food will never fill the emotional deficit you are experiencing.

Although eating may feel good and provide comfort at the moment, the feelings that triggered the eating are still there. And not only does the original emotional problem remain, but you also feel guilty and beat yourself up for not having the willpower to prevent it. You then need to eat more food to cope with the guilt and self-blame, and eventually, you get stuck in the Cycle of Emotional Eating.


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