First Step

Your Guide To Understanding Emotional Eating


Like any new subject, education is required to wrap our head around concepts, reasonings, definitions, and procedures.

Understanding emotional eating is no different.

My First Step program contains 13 lessons that cover everything from the basics of this complex and delicate matter to incredibly impactful connections that I've been able to uncover through my 11 years of private practice. Total course time 3.5 hours. 

It truly is where I recommend all of my clients to begin.

You can expect to hear things, that perhaps you've never even thought of before. Correlations and society dichotomies that contribute to your continued struggle that are quite frankly mind blowing.

The first step to cultivating peace with your food and body is at your fingertips.


Meet Sam

You'll Meet Sam - she feels totally out of control with food.

In this module, you see societies role in yo yo dieting and emotional eating.

You'll also discover how it's not about your willpower!


The Cycle of Emotional Eating

In this module, you'll learn what emotional eating actually is, the cycle of emotional eating (that you can practically set your clock to!), why people eat outside of physical hunger, and so much more!


Root Causes of Emotional Eating

In this module, you'll dive deep into your emotions and how your unmet needs have been contributing to your struggles.

The lessons in this module alone will provide a massive amount of clarity!


Your Strategies

In this module, we're pulling it all together with tools and resources that will help guide you to create a tailor-made strategy system to manage triggers and "get a handle on" emotional eating.

Learning On Your Terms


Learn anywhere in the world, any time that's fits into your schedule from the comfort of your home.


With online learning, you have the advantage of pressing pause to process and assimilate the new learnings. You get to decide what pace works best for you.


Start implementing proven strategies into your life and experience the results for yourself.


My client roster is full. This course means you have the opportunity to get support NOW and at a fraction of the investment of private consultations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are 2 questions to ask your insurance provider:

  1. Am I covered for psychological services provided by a Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario?
  2. Am I covered for psychological services provided by a Registered Psychotherapist Ontario who’s under the supervision of a Registered Psychologist?

Please note: It is best to check with your insurance provider and plan for your exact coverage details.

Because of the digital nature of the product, the online programs are non-refundable.

The good news:

You will gain a deep and clear understanding of WHY you struggle with food, eating, and weight and what your relationship with food is all about. You will also develop life-long skills to take control of your eating habits and ultimately your weight. Our clients find that participating in psychotherapy results in very positive changes that were not expected or intended at the outset and find true freedom and peace with food (yes, this is totally possible!).

The bad news:

Therapy for Emotional Eating involves a degree of emotional risk. This type of work requires you to dig deep and to feel discomfort. Yuck, right? In the psychotherapy process, it is common to feel worse before you begin to feel better. Let’s compare to physical pain: if you fall and scrape your knee, you have no choice but to experience hours of a burning sensation and itchiness before your wound can heal…and therapy can be the same. It is hard work to process emotional pains and wounds that underlie emotional eating. But the rewards are like none other: you can free yourself from your obsessions around food, eating, body, and weight. You can heal your relationship with food and find peace.


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